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Dubai 5 Star Hotels

Dubai offers skyscraper hotels along it’s coast line that stretch to the eye can see. These highly expensive and luxury hotels are for those with money to burn offering luxury in every service possible should you wish to be spoilt 24/7.

The Burj Al Arab gets the top spot on most reviewers list, the unique sail like shape and sheer height of it makes it stand out like a giant symbol of what dubai is all about – bigger is better, the telegraph.co.uk cover’s the best picks of them all.

Hotels Offering Seamless Views

Enjoy panoramic views of the gorgeous Canadian nature with the Pavillon Du Lac ( https://uncrate.com/pavillon-du-lac/ ). The large glass windows and sliding doors offer guests the perfect view of the countryside without needing to leave the house if you want to relax indoors. The frameless glass windows (https://www.firezoneglazing.co.uk/) were supplied by Sky-Frame for the guest house. On several sides, the roof extends over the patio. At the facade of the home, stairs from the patio lead the way down, straight into the nature. 

If your looking for the perfect hotel that combines nature with the view of the stars at night, look no further than the Tree Hotels pure glass offerings. The tree hotel’s 7th room beauty cannot be described as well as it can be experienced at first sight. Watch the Northern Lights illuminate the night skies inside the comfort of your room fully unobstructed, it’s hard not to fall in love with the hotel – view the rooms on offer here: https://www.treehotel.se/en/